Schedules & Entry Forms

2017 Schedule of Classes

To download schedules and entry forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it you can download it for free from the Adobe website

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ALPACA - Entries Close 22nd September

Alpaca Schedule of Classes
Alpaca Breed Entry Form
Alpaca Breed Editable Entry Form
Alpaca Fleece Entry Form
Alpaca Fleece Editable Entry Form
Summary of Entry

BLACK AND COLOURED SHEEP - Entries Close 22nd September 

Black and Coloured Sheep Schedule of Class
Black and Coloured Sheep Entry Form 
Summary Of Entry 

CATTLE - Entries Close 22nd September 

Cattle Schedule Of Class
Cattle Entry Form
Cattle Group Form
Summary Of Entry 
Cattle Judges 

DOG TRIAL - Entries Close 22nd September 

Dog Schedule Of Class
Dog Entry Form
Summary Of Entry
Dog Judges 

DRESSAGE AND SHOWJUMPING - Entries Close 18th October

Dressage and Showjumping Schedule Of Class
Entries open NOW via Main Events

GOAT - Entries Close 22nd September

Goat Schedule Of Class
Dairy Goat Entry Form
Goat Entry Form
Summary Of Entry

Goat Judges 

HORSE AND PONY - Entries Close 15th September

Horse and Pony Schedule of Class
Horse and Pony Entry Form
Qualification Form
Horsebox Form
Summary of Entry

Additional Information:

  • RAS Helmet Rule Information - Red Ticket Example 
  • NZ Riding Pony, Additional Class: Please note, this class was left out of the Schedule – CLASS 2790 Registered NZ Riding Pony or Gelding not exceeding 128cm
  • For the most up to date list of judges click here
  • Parking. Please click here for up to date information on parking at the Show and the 50% entry fee refund offer.


LLAMA - Entries Close 22nd September

Llama Schedule of Class
Llama Entry Form
Summary Of Entry 

MINT LAMB - Entries Close 25th October

Click here to find out more and to enter

PIG - Entries Close 22nd September

Pig Schedule Of Class
Pig Entry Form
Summary Of Entry

POULTRY - Entries Close 22nd September

Poultry Schedule Of Class
Poultry Entry Form
Summary Of Entry

SHEARING AND WOOLHANDLING - Entries Close 24th October

Shearing and Woolhandling Schedule Of Class
Shearing and Woolhanding Entry Form
Summary Of Entry

SHEEP - Entries Close 22nd September

Sheep Schedule Of Class
Sheep Entry Form
Summary Of Entry
Sheep Judges 

TRADE EXHIBITOR AWARDS - Entries Close 27th October

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

VINTAGE MACHINERY - Entries Close 22nd September

Vintage Machinery Schedule Of Class
Vintage Machinery Entry Form
Summary Of Entry

WINE COMPETITION - Entries Close 4th October

Click here to find out more about the New Zealand Aromatic Wine Competition, Canterbury Wine Competition and NZ Winemaker of the Year

WOOL - Entries Close 26th October

Wool Schedule Of Class
Wool Entry Form
Summary Of Entry 


Click here to find out more about the Young Auctioneers Competition

YOUTH SHOW - Entries Close 22nd September

Youth Show Schedule Of Class
Youth Show Entry Of Class
Summary Of Entry