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Blinc Innovation Hub
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“Blinc Innovation is focused on connecting farmers, growers, rural advisors and the wider industry to innovate and create our future industry.  We do this through providing a place where we can connect, share straight talk with each other, challenge the status quo and together create the future of farming we want in response to consumers and opportunities in the market. We are excited to be able to do this through partnering with the Association . . . and set up the Blinc Innovation Hub” – Toni Laming, CEO, Blinc





Catering to global population growth and a burgeoning middle-class demand for quality food, while releasing the pressure on our natural resources and environment are just a few of the challenges facing the agricultural and food industry today.

Blinc Innovation Hub, brought to you by Blinc will host a series of talks, discussions, innovation showcases and panels focusing on the grassroots of our country’s agriculture, the complex challenges our farmers and industry face to respond to these key trends and create sustainable outcomes. We will explore New Zealand’s opportunity in agribusiness innovation and how to create our competitive advantage in the future world.

Canterbury is home to a diverse and critical food basket.  What will Canterbury look like in 10 years and what do we need to be working on to innovate and create what’s next for New Zealand’s critical sector?

We will look to involve those who face these challenges every day – the people who grow and produce our food. These thought leaders will offer inspirational stories of how different people and companies are responding to the challenge. What opportunities are available to farmers to increase profitability and ensure a sustainable future?  What do we need to do to solve these challenges and opportunities together?

As a platform for our partners to tell their innovation story, this Innovation Hub will also showcase the world-class innovation work underway in Canterbury and New Zealand and demonstrate that we are leading the charge in this field and truly have something to shout about.

More information will be provided shortly on the schedule for the days, what will be on show and how to register for the innovation series events.


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