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Agricultural Innovation Hub
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Blinc Seminar Series


Discover cutting-edge innovations and start-ups that are transforming agriculture in New Zealand and abroad. Blinc Innovation Hub is a one-stop showcase of new technology, products and services that look to solve challenges faced by our food producers and make things easier – save time, better information, supported decisions. An Innovation Breakfast and Seminar on Wednesday morning will explore what the future of food production could look like in Canterbury and how we might work together to create and build this future. The New Wave Innovation Tour on Wednesday afternoon is designed for secondary students to engage with young rural leaders and explore future careers in agri-food and technology.

Blinc Innovation He Puna Karikari is an established agribusiness facilitating change and innovation through brave conversations and enabling new collaborations.

We will be updating information on speakers shortly.




Wednesday 13th November:
Seminar a | The opportunity in our changing world – A Global Outlook



New Zealand’s food producers and growers are faced with a changing climate and uncertain future as we transition to a low-emissions economy. This session will explore the global climate crisis, what it means for food production in Aotearoa New Zealand, what the future of brand New Zealand could look like as we respond, lead and adapt to these changes and remain a key food basket that embraces what lies ahead.

8:00am Breakfast & Networking

8:30am Welcome

8:50am Keynote Address 1 – Transforming New Zealand Agriculture

9:00am Keynote Address 2 – Adapting to a Changing Climate in Land-based Agriculture

9:10am Keynote Address 3 – Global Trends in Future Proteins: Fad or Here to Stay?

9:20am Panel discussion with audience Q&A

Seminar B | Climate-Smart Food Production


Our agri-food industries are faced with the challenge of how to produce high-value food sustainably, whilst adapting and building resilience to a changing climate. Reducing emissions, finding the best use for land, protecting our water, animal and social welfare and improving biodiversity are all pieces in this very complex demanding puzzle which will be explored in this session. Understand the opportunity and see what hear from others how they are approaching the opportunities and dealing with the challenges to adapt and build resilience and protect our natural resources and food production for future generations?

10.15am Introduction

10:20am Keynote Address 1 – Water Management for Climate Resilience

10:30am Keynote Address 2 –Choosing the Best Land-Use for Today and Tomorrow

10:40am Keynote Address 3 – Securing Environmental and Economic Sustainability

10.50am Panel discussion with audience Q&A

11:15am End Session B

New Wave Innovation Tour


The future of agriculture is full of exciting opportunities for our young people to explore. This session will begin with panel discussion to showcase young rural leaders who will share their own career journey. They will share what they see as the future of work and what new opportunities there could be for young people, as well as their top tips for anyone looking to start a career in ag. The panel discussion will be followed by a tour of Blinc Innovation Hub to showcase the cutting edge technology that is helping to transform the future of work in NZ and abroad.

1:00pm Welcome & Introduction

1:05pm Future of work keynotes

1:20pm Panel discussion with audience Q&A

1:30pm End panel and move to Innovation Tour

2:00pm Tour concludes, event ends, students free to continue to explore Hub

We will be updating information on speakers shortly.

Agproud panel and Q&A


With a focus on mental health awareness and positive farming practices, the guys at AgProudNZ are changing the farming game, putting on events that bring together farmers and members of the urban community to catch up on what’s really going on in our agricultural sector and what we all need to do to shore up its future! The team began arranging successful gatherings in Southland, offering a space to share stories and debate the future of farming, and are now hosting events country-wide. The guys will be joining us to fill us in on why AgProudNZ is such an important movement, followed by a panel on how our rural and urban community can support each other looking to the future. Catch the guys in the Hub on Thursday from 1pm.


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