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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things | Event Director In The Making

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things | Event Director In The Making

September 2019 2019

Harvey Bone, Manager of Show favourite the Lolly Scramble and son of Event Director, Geoff Bone, has been attending the Show since he was just 2 years old. Now 10, and with a few years of managing the famed Lolly Scramble under his belt, we caught up with Harvey on what he expects this year…and a bit of insider knowledge on the Event Director too!

What’s the toughest part about making sure the Lolly Scramble is a success at the Show?

Making sure I have enough candy and stopping kids taking it before it’s ready…managing crows of kids is hard! I also have to work out where the best place in the Main Arena to throw it is. I don’t have many staff, but mum always helps me out.

Throwing the candy far enough is also tough and the biggest problem is if you run out too quick and not all the crowd get some. Kids love candy…a lot!

What’s the best part about being Lolly Scramble Manager?

Getting to work with mum & dad at the Show, it’s a fun place and I have a great time, and seeing how happy everyone gets when we throw the candy to them. Oh, also I get to use my money to go buy candy floss afterwards for me and Lily which is cool.

Your dad is the Event Director, do you have any tips for him?

I don’t really have any tips for him, he does alright, the Show is fun.

What would you tell him to bring to the Show if you could?

More rides in the carnival, like rollercoasters and stuff!

Hazletts Farmyard Harvey

Harvey, Lily & mum enjoying the puppy pen in the Hazletts Farmyard

If you could work on any other area of the Show, where would you pick?

Help the rollercoaster operator, that would be fun, and I might get to test it for free!


Thanks, Harvey! We better let him in on the secret that we welcome our first rollercoaster to the Show this year, hadn’t we? You will see Harvey in the Main Arena daily supplying an anticipated sugar hit to all those lucky enough to be around…when he isn’t first in line for the Hazletts Farmyard. Grab your tickets now to make sure you are a part of the fun!

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