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Trade Exhibitor Digital Promotional Package
Expand your brand awareness, whilst reaching out to key target audiences who will be visiting the show.

If you want customers to actively seek you out at the show and then be able to easily find you online afterwards you need to ensure your digital presence is up to the mark – both pre and post. So we are offering an exclusive digital package for all exhibitors to ensure you maximise the time and investment you are putting in.

To make the best use of this offer, we suggest that during the show you run a giveaway competition or one time Show offers on your products.



  • If you have a social media presence we will run targeted display ads aimed at website visitors, customer email lists and key target audiences who are yet to discover your business or Facebook presence.
  • In tandem we will run a Google display remarketing ad campaign aimed at website visitors, key target audiences and those who have visited competitor websites and the Shows own site.
  • Then during the entire run of the show we will aim ads at users who are in the local area, so they come by and visit your stand.
  • Followed by post show ads that will run until the end of the year, or until the end of your special offer to catch any post show interest.


To find out more or to Sign up to this special offer – please contact





Terms and Conditions

  • We will run any digital promotion past you before going live.
  • Text will be based around your business’s aim, show location and your show giveaway or offer.
  • Images will be based around your logo, website, any photos your provide, and stock images we have of the Show.
  • The main weblink will be your business’s website and when applicable we will add a link to the show website.
  • We will stagger the social media and Google display ads pre and post the show. So you can reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Paid promotional ads will be aimed at targeted audiences predominately in the Canterbury and Christchurch area.
  • Paid promotional ad target audiences will be a mixture of those who will be visiting show, likely to visit the show and are a key audience for your business.
  • Set up may involve us gaining access to your social media platforms, website and Google analytic, Adword accounts if you already have them.
  • If you do not have a social media platform all ad spend will be spent on Google Adwords.
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