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Woodchopping is a heritage sport and dates back to the 1870’s. 

It has been said that Woodchopping is the original 'extreme sport.’

New Zealand forests were the breeding ground for some of the country's most rugged axemen and sawyers. Those pioneering athletes held contests amongst themselves to see who were the best when it came to felling trees and processing logs and those contests form the basis of the sport we know today.

Woodchopping is a thrilling sport to be involved in with a unique combination of athleticism and technique together with power and strength as well as the ever-present danger element.

The Woodchopping Competition is one of the most popular and exciting attractions at The New Zealand Agricultural Show with events held daily in the STIHL Woodchopping Arena.

The competition always draws big crowds to enjoy a spectacular display of strength endurance and skill by the axemen. With a strong contingent of competitors traditionally travelling from across the country and Australia to compete.

Wood Chopping Section Competitions are proudly sponsored and bought to the 2023 New Zealand Agricultural Show by STIHL.