Sustainability At The Show

Sustainability At The Show

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do - it's our mission to be a fully sustainable event by 2025


Waste Minimisation and Landfill Diversion

The Show 2023 is dedicated to sustainability and creating positive change in the rural sector. In collaboration with our waste minimisation partners, WasteCo and Sustainably, The Show will demonstrate its commitment to sustainability through the following waste objectives:


  1. Minimising Wastereducing the amount of waste generated
  2. Maximising Landfill Diversionreusing and recycling materials where possible

To achieve these objectives The Show 2023 will implement the Christchurch City Council's (CCC) waste sorting initiative, Composting Food Packaging at Events (CFPE). The initiative will introduce the following changes to The Show waste system:

  • A new three-bin system for attendees including General Waste (red), Mixed Recycling (yellow), and Organics (green).
  • Food exhibitors using a set of approved compostable packaging products which, along with food waste, will be composted following the event.
  • An on-site waste crew to empty bins and sort waste to remove contamination.

The following activities will further support waste minimisation and landfill diversion efforts at The Show 2023:

  • Reducing event-related printing, including signage and programmes.
  • Providing water refill stations throughout the park.
  • Waste minimisation educational activities delivered by Nestlé on the Nestlé Village Green.

Event attendees can support The Show’s waste minimisation and landfill diversion efforts by:

  • Bringing reusable water bottles and coffee cups to fill up on-site.
  • Disposing of materials and items correctly within the three-bin system.
  • Being a tidy Kiwi and taking your picnic litter with you.
  • Only taking brochures, pamphlets, and other giveaways if you need them.