Our Mission

Our Mission

The Associations mission is to further the progress of agriculture in Canterbury.

While we will always celebrate our heritage and community spirit, we are also in a unique position of being agricultural leaders. We work with agricultural and political leaders, break down the rural/urban divide and help them progress agriculture in innovative and socially conscious ways.

We are highly connected across the agricultural sector due to:

  • Location in New Zealand’s largest food & fibre region.
  • Expertise and skillset held by board and general committee.
  • Wide diversity of knowledge and appreciation in many agricultural & pastoral areas.
  • Focused on the future of the sector and affecting change - not just showing.
  • Highlight new innovations and regulatory, compliance changes to our audience.

We exist to:

  • Progress agriculture across the region.
  • Create a platform to tell our stories.
  • Advocate industry best practice.
  • Be authentic.
  • Foster engagement and collaboration between our members to grow professional relationships.
  • Share our history and provide succession advice.

We do this by:

  • Showcasing local produce.
  • Creating safe and trusted spaces for collaboration and connection.
  • Growing youth in agriculture.
  • Embracing diverse and cultural agricultural relationships and farming practices.
  • Being trusted advisors to our rural communities.
  • Supporting the sector including pastoral care addressing mental health and encouraging conversation.
  • Bringing the “Country to Town” positively by connecting urban and rural communities.

We’re on a mission to:
Be number one in New Zealand at encouraging, promoting, and celebrating excellence and innovation in sustainable agriculture.

So that:
We farm to grow; Environmentally, strong rural and business relationships, youth leadership and sustainable farming, unlocking the potential of nature to improve quality of life.

At the heart of everything we do is:
Rural Leadership.