General Competition Terms & Conditions

General Competition Terms & Conditions

To be read in conjunction with Section Conditions and with the Rules and By-Laws of the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand.



To be read in conjunction with Section Conditions and with the Rules and By-Laws of the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand.


  1. The Association holds records of names and addresses of all Members and Exhibitors and may publish these for the purposes of Show media reports or promotional purposes at the Association’s discretion. The Association may take photographs and video images of Members, Exhibitors, exhibits (including livestock) and the employees, agents and assistants of any Exhibitor and use this information for reporting or promotional purposes in any media, at the Association’s discretion.


  1. All Exhibitors agree to comply with the Terms of the Health & Safety Act 1992 and its subsequent amendments. The Canterbury A&P Association hereby states that it will accept no responsibility in any claim from any person resulting from non-compliance with the Act.
  2. Livestock Exhibitors and Competitors must follow the instructions of Marshals and Officials. Exhibitors and competitors are responsible for ensuring animals are kept in control at all times.
  3. The Canterbury A&P Association reserves the right to order immediate removal from the Showgrounds of any animal it considers dangerous, unruly or unmanageable.
  4. Livestock Exhibitors must ensure that they keep walkways clear and no dangerous equipment or chemicals are accessible to the public. In any livestock parade children aged under 12 years leading cattle are to be accompanied by an adult. Any animal 2 years or over must be led by a person aged 16 years and over.
  5. There is to be NO SMOKING in the Horseboxes, Cattle Marquee or Livestock Pavilion. Any person found smoking within these areas will be fined $500. Livestock and Machinery Exhibitors are reminded that no exhibits shall be removed from the Showground until after 5.30pm.
  6. Protective Headgear - Wearing a hard hat is compulsory for anyone competing on, working in or schooling or riding for any reason a horse within the Showgrounds.
  7. First Aid: First aid stations are located by the Main Arena, Show Office and the Isaac Arena. Please familiarise yourself with the Showgrounds site map.
  8. Accidents must be reported to your Section Office or the Show Office.


  1. Smoking is prohibited in all Livestock Pavilions, Marquees and Horseboxes. The Canterbury A&P Committee reserves the right to impose a fine of $500 on any person found smoking within these areas.


  1. Entries must be accompanied by total entry fees payable and be in the hands of the Show Secretary on or before the closing dates advertised in the Schedule. 
  2. All entries must be made in the name of the bona-fide owner of the exhibits hereinafter called the Exhibitor, and such exhibits must have been the property of the Exhibitor at the time of entry. Registered Lessees of animals are permitted to enter under their own name.
  3. Exhibitors must state as accurately as possible at the time of entry the date of birth of all stock in classes where the age is required. 
  4. Times by which exhibits are required to be in their allotted places on the Showgrounds ready for judging are detailed at the head of each Section. 
  5. Exhibitors must provide sufficient attendants to take charge of each entry of Cattle, Horse, and Sheep entered in Breeder’s Groups, and lead them into the Show Ring when required. Exhibitors failing to comply with this regulation will be liable to forfeit their prizes at the discretion of the Canterbury A&P Committee. No one under the age of 16 can lead a large animal. 
  6. No animal from a herd or farm under movement control for TB or Brucellosis or distance control place notice, and cattle awaiting a comparative cervical test result, and any replacement stock associated with such animals shall be exhibited at the Canterbury A&P Show.
  7. The Canterbury A&P Association shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused (inter alia) through disease or infection however arising. Each Exhibitor shall have deemed to have guaranteed to the Canterbury A&P Association and have given warranty that each exhibit entered and brought to the Showgrounds is free of any contagious or infectious disease.
  8. Machinery Exhibitors are reminded that compliance with the terms of the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 and its subsequent amendments is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and that the Canterbury A&P Association hereby states that it will accept no responsibility in any claim from any person resulting from non-compliance with the Act. 
  9. Exhibitors of machinery and mechanical equipment of any description must ensure that it is fully guarded to be incapable of injuring spectators or Exhibitors while on display. Tractors and other machinery demonstrated at work must be attended by a member of the Exhibitor’s staff while working, and must be efficiently immobilised when not working. Exhibits which are considered by the Canterbury A&P Committee to be dangerous, to be excessively noisy, or undesirable in any other way, may be immobilised at the discretion of the Canterbury A&P Committee.
  10. Machinery Exhibitors are reminded that no machinery or displays shall be removed from the Showgrounds until after 5.30pm on the last day of the Show. Failure to comply with this condition automatically disqualifies the offender from future Shows. 
  11. Entry fee, ferry and camping concessions for North and Southland exhibitors only apply at time of entry. No refunds after the Show.
  12. Pen fees are to cover the cost of straw removal and disposal after completion of the Show.


  1. The Canterbury A&P Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any entry without adducing any reason for so doing and reserves the right to make any alteration to The Show timetable, or withdraw any event as may be deemed desirable. Any unruly or dangerous animal or exhibit may be required to leave the Showgrounds.


  1. All protests must be in writing, and may be lodged with the President of the Canterbury A&P Association within ONE HOUR from the completion of the class judged, together with a deposit of $50, which shall be returned should the protest be sustained. Should the protest be lodged before the Judges proceed to their duties, the onus of proof will rest with the Exhibitor; if after that, the onus of proof will be with the party protesting. No protest will be received later than one hour after the prize tickets are affixed. The Canterbury A&P Committee, or not less than five members thereof, will decide all protests as soon as practicable, and there shall be no appeal from their decision.


  1. When an animal has been duly entered and catalogued in any class, the substitution of another animal will not be permitted without the consent of the Canterbury A&P Committee. Please see relevant section conditions for any replacement animal. Exhibits competing in the Family and Group Classes are also eligible for other classes.
  2. No animals, excepting those entered in the Catalogue or as part of a Trade Display, will be allowed on the Showgrounds.


  1. Note that by entering into this confirmation we take this as acceptance that you understand that any prize money paid by CAPA to you, may depending on the amount and your individual circumstances, be regarded as income by the Inland Revenue in New Zealand and therefore subject to the payment of income tax. It is your responsibility to take independent advice on this and to make such payment where required. CAPA accepts no responsibility for the payment of any income tax obligations that may or may not arise from the payment of any such prize money to you.
  2. In the event of there being no competition (i.e. one exhibit) in any Class, no prize will be given unless the Judge certifies to particular merit.
  3. Judges of Stock, in arriving at their decision, are requested not to give undue weight to high condition, but to award the prizes to the animals in each Class which they consider best represent the particular breed or description intended to be encouraged. The Judges are requested to pass over all animals whose want of condition betokens weakness of constitution, however great their merit may be in other respects.
  4. In each class of Livestock cash prizes are offered, but Judges are requested not to award them if the exhibits are not up to standard.
  5. In all cases where two or three prizes have been awarded the Judges are requested to ‘very highly commend’ any of the other exhibits worthy of this distinction.
  6. Any dispute arising out of the allotment of the Private Prizes may be settled by the Canterbury A&P Committee at their next meeting after the Show, and their decision shall be final.
  7. All prize money will be paid by direct credit after the Show except Canterbury Youth Show classes. Prize money for these classes will be paid in cash at the Show. Shearing prize money will be paid at the Show.
  8. Class sponsorship monies, subject to confirmation, will be paid IN LIEU of Association prize money, although Breed Society special cash prize monies will be additional. The Association takes no responsibility for sponsorships which do not eventuate.


Distinguishing Colours of Ribbons: First to Sixth prize-takers in Horse and Pony Sections will carry a coloured Ribbon 1st to 6th as follows - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, White. Supreme - Red/Black/Red, Champion - Blue, Reserve -Purple, Special Prize - Burgundy, Bottle Green.

SCALE OF POINTS, with the exception of Milk Classes in the Dairy Section, where there are five entries or more.

Competitors Champion Res. Champion 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Less than 5 2 1 6 4 2 -
Five or more 2 1 6 4 2 1
No Competition - - 3 - - -

In the event of a tie the winner of the largest number of First Prizes shall have preference. In the event of no competition, only half points awarded. Competition means two or more Exhibitors, whose exhibits are judged competing for prizes in a particular class.

Collection of Trophies: Trophies are available from the Secretary’s Office after they have been engraved. An email will go out to all recipients informing of pick up days and times. No trophies will be engraved at the Show this year.



The Canterbury A&P Association will make an award to the best presented Breed Display throughout the Show following recommendations made by Chairmen of the Livestock Sections. Judging will be convened by the Chairman of the Machinery Section and assisted by the Second Vice-President and a co-opted Past President.



THE D D MACFARLANE PERPETUAL CHALLENGE SHIELD Given by the late Leonard White, for most points in the following Sections in turn: Clydesdale Horses, Shorthorn Cattle and Corriedale Sheep.


  1. Horse Floats for stable unloading and Stock Trucks are to enter Canterbury Agricultural Park from the gate on Curletts Road only. Horse Floats with no stable or camping booked enter from the gate on McMahon Drive. Parking for all Stock Trucks and Horse Floats is available on the grounds in designated areas with marshals ensuring that parking is available for all Exhibitors. Parking is entirely at the vehicle owner’s risk.
  2. Any vehicles parked will be on condition that the Canterbury A&P Association accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft, injury or damage to persons or vehicles, their contents, fittings or accessories even when such loss, theft, injury or damage is attributed to any negligence on the part of the Canterbury A&P Association or any of its employees or stewards.
  3. The Canterbury A&P Committee reserves the right to remove any motor vehicle, float, caravan or any other form of trailer which is parked in any area or manner other than those prescribed by Canterbury A&P Committee without prior notice. ANY VEHICLE FOUND TO BE PARKED INSIDE THE SHOWGROUNDS WITHOUT AUTHORITY, WILL BE TOWED AWAY AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.


  1. All Times Subject to Change
  2. Exhibitors are asked to check times in Catalogue, and must be ready to enter the ring at start time. The timetable may be affected by number of entries received.


  1. All persons admitted into any premises controlled by the Canterbury A&P Association shall be subject to the orders of the Canterbury A&P Committee, and in the event of misbehaviour on the part of anyone attending the Show, such person may be removed by order of the President or any two members of the Canterbury A&P Committee. Any exhibitor who interferes with or abuses a Judge or Officer of the Canterbury A&P Association whilst acting in his official capacity as such, will be dealt with as may be deemed fitting by the Judicial Committee, and Stewards are instructed to report such occurrences promptly.
  2. The President or any two members of the Canterbury A&P Committee may eject from the Showgrounds, without compensation or return of fees, any person whose conduct, either personal or as proprietor of a side show or exhibit, is a source of annoyance.
  3. Any Exhibitor who behaves in a manner which, in the opinion of the Judges or the Canterbury A&P Committee, does or is likely to embarrass or is intended to embarrass the Canterbury A&P Committee, the Judges or the sponsors of the event, or which is likely to have effect of bringing the event into discredit, or which is behaviour which the Judges of the event or the Canterbury A&P Committee (or not less than any two members of the Canterbury A&P Committee) consider in their opinion to be rude, bad manners, disobedient or abusive or which is designed to or has the effect of harassing or being discourteous to any Steward, Judge or other official, may be censured, expelled, fined or banned by the Judicial Committee constituted under Clause 37.
  4. No person shall supply, provide, sell, give or dispose of any food, drink, or any other form of refreshment or tobacco to any other person on the land of the Canterbury A&P Association during an Agricultural and Pastoral Show held by the Association without the written permission of the Show Management.
  5. The privilege of distributing trade lists, advertisements or other documents is restricted exclusively to Exhibitors at their respective stands. Placards or advertisements posted without authority will be removed.
  6. No Exhibitor may sublet any space nor move to any other space from that which has been allocated to him or her. Any person infringing regulations without permission in writing of an authorised officer of the Canterbury A&P Association will incur expulsion from the Showgrounds.
  7. Persons in charge of exhibits will be admitted on production of an Exhibitor’s pass, and they will be subject to the orders of the Canterbury A&P Committee or its officers.
  8. Should any Exhibitor, in the opinion of the Canterbury A&P Committee, infringe any of these Conditions and Regulations, or refuse to comply with the directions of the Canterbury A&P Committee, or be guilty of any fraudulent or unfair practice or any deceit or concealment either in entering or exhibiting stock, all the exhibits of such Exhibitor shall be disqualified, and his name shall not appear in the Official Prize List, and the Canterbury A&P Committee shall have power to suspend such Exhibitor from exhibiting at any exhibition during such period as it may think fit.
  9. Should any person or firm be disqualified or suspended by a kindred A&P Association registered under “The Agricultural and Pastoral Societies Act, 1908”, the A&P Committee of this Canterbury A&P Association shall have power to endorse such disqualification or suspension, and disqualify or suspend such person or firm accordingly.
  10. All exhibits shall be at the sole risk of the owner or Exhibitor, and the Canterbury A&P Association shall not, under any circumstances, be responsible for loss, damage, mis-delivery, detention or delay of exhibits of any description whatever.
  11. The decision of the Canterbury A&P Committee shall be absolutely final in all cases.
  12. The Canterbury A&P Association will endeavour to provide sufficient quantities of green feed to Livestock Exhibitors at the New Zealand Agricultural Show. The Canterbury A&P Association takes no responsibility for providing green feed in excess of what is deemed adequate for each section.


  1. The Canterbury A&P Committee reserves the right to limit entries in any class or section in the event of excessive numbers of animals requiring accommodation.


  1. In addition to any other Judicial Committee under these Rules or any other regulations of the Canterbury A&P Association, there shall be a Judicial Committee comprising the President or a Vice-President and not less than two members of the Canterbury A&P Committee who may consider all complaints, charges or references relating to the conduct or omissions of all Exhibitors.
  2. The Judicial Committee shall have the power to investigate all incidents, acts or omissions which are referred to them, and to obtain such evidence as they may require to hear any complaints, charges or references. Any Exhibitor who is the subject of any complaint, charge or reference to the Judicial Committee shall have the right to be heard by the Judicial Committee in relation to the matter, and such Exhibitor shall, immediately following advice of the complaint, charge or reference, make him/herself available for examination by the Judicial Committee.
  3. The Judicial Committee may, after hearing all evidence which they consider is relevant to any matter referred to them, dismiss the charge, or uphold the charge, and/or censure the Exhibitor, and/or fine the Exhibitor in an amount not exceeding five times the entry fee paid by the Exhibitor to enter the event, and/or ban the Exhibitor from the event, and/or recommend to the General Committee that such Exhibitor be banned from any number of future events or indefinitely.
  4. On a recommendation of the Judicial Committee, the Canterbury A&P General Committee may, in addition to the powers available to the Judicial Committee, ban any Exhibitor from exhibiting in any number of future events or indefinitely.
  5. The decision of the Judicial Committee under Clause 40 above shall be communicated in writing to the Exhibitor forthwith following their decision. The Exhibitor shall have the right to appeal the decision of the Judicial Committee to the General Committee by notice in writing to the President, served within 14 days after the decision of the Judicial Committee. The decision of the General Committee shall be final and binding on the Exhibitor. Any ban shall have effect immediately following the decision of the Judicial Committee. Any fine shall be paid within 30 days of the decision of the Judicial Committee or of the General Committee in the case of appeal and shall constitute a contractual debt and may be recovered by the Association by due process of law as a debt due.
  6. The RAS Yellow Card system now applies across all Livestock and Equestrian sections.