NZ Ag Show Online News

NZ Ag Show Online News

 Wed, 1st Dec, 2021

Featuring a range of content across industry and educational episodes, there was content for everyone.

With the arrival of Covid, as we all know, the 2020 NZ Agricultural Show was cancelled for the first time since World War II. Taking a glass-half-full approach, the CAPA board, general committee and ASN Media looked at what we could do to keep the Show community alive and connected and try something new.

The NZ Ag Show Online was born! There was content for everyone, featuring a range of content across industry and educational episodes. The Online Show was designed to showcase some of the competitions that could go ahead and look at some homegrown stories of the industry. We also wanted to continue CAPA’s mission to educate children on the raising and caring of animals.

To cater for the many audiences of the Show, we created Industry Episodes and Kids/Educational Episodes, which you can watch here:


Industry Episodes

Episode 1 - NZ On Show:

Episode 2 - Wool & Fibre Part I: 

Episode 2 - Wool & Fibre Part II: 

Episode 3 - Tomorrow’s Farmers: 

Episode 4 - Our Land, Our Future: 

Kids Educational Episodes

Episode 5 - Show Offs!: 

Episode 6 - Great Yarns!: 

Episode 7 - The Farmyard comes to town: 

The inaugural Online Show was well received, reaching a wide audience of 1.3 million unique people from across New Zealand and overseas, with over 446,000 views of the content across online channels. 

In 2021, we hoped the Show might come back, but alas, it was not to be. In a very quick amount of time, we thought about what we could do to build on the success of 2020’s Online Show. This involved a 2021 Online Show, presented by local reporter Suzette Howe, which you can watch below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

And we were also able to do a special feature on the Young Auctioneers competition:

Excitingly, the ASN Team also approached TVNZ with an idea to do a special feature on the Show. They were interested, and so the NZ Agricultural Show 2021 was created as a one-hour special, aired for the first time on TVNZ 1 in December 2021 and since repeated on Easter Sunday, again on TVNZ 1. It’s also available on TVNZ On Demand, taking the Show’s story to the nation. 

You can watch the programme here: 

We had our hosts Tangaroa Walker, and Ali Pugh involved in aspects of the Show and take a look at the wider industry and key issues as a whole, such as rural mental health.

The TVNZ Show was received well and was watched in over 100,000 households NZ-wide, once again raising the profile of the Show outside Canterbury. As part of ChristchurchNZ’s involvement, we also had a prize package for a family to come down to the 2022 Show, and we look forward to welcoming them this year for the best Show ever!

Looking ahead to this year’s Show, we’re innovating again for the Online Show…so look out for us filming at the Show and live streaming across the nation!